Reason Number 5 — Location

Stoked Coffee Roasters is located in a very convenient location if you are just passing quickly through Hood River or you may be out for a stroll along the river, Stoked is located in a very convenient location for many given situations here in Hood River. With a clean and well lit environment they are a great place to get things done on your computer or just to pop in after a dip in the Columbia River they can accommodate many different types of situations you may find yourself in. This is also the perfect place to have an after meal coffee as there are restaurants located on either side of them, with Camp 1805, Solstice, or Pfriem Brewery which all serve great food you can stop in to Stoked after your meal to make sure you don’t fall asleep after you have all that great food.

The view they have of the Columbia River is great, they are located adjacent to the kids park and if you do have kids it isn’t a far walk across the street to take your kids to the park for a little fun. Everything is conveniently located around Stoked Coffee.

Reason Number 4 — Roasting Machines in Store!!

Once you step inside you will notice they do their own roasting here in Hood River as they have two unique machines right inside the store. If you are lucky to come in when they are actually roasting you can take a whiff of the smell of freshly roasted beans. Uniquely they have a large machine and a smaller machine for smaller batches. Hopefully you like the smell of fresh roasted coffee!

Reason Number 3 — Menu

The menu here is extraordinary, from fresh roasted coffee to your basic black and green teas, they can do most everything you would expect in a standard coffee shop and they do it all very well. Some of the unique menu items include such things as “Filthy Dirty” Smoothie and “Sasquatch” smoothie, which is a very very good smoothie consisting of chocolate, peanut butter (Natural Peanut Butter) and some espresso. Feeling like you need a smoothie with some berries? The punchbowl has some berries from the Willamette Valley, banana, OJ, Coconut water and yogurt.

There are teas, coffee and other pastries that you can choose from that will help curb that hunger until you can get to a place like Camp 1805 or Solstice.

Reason Number 2 — Baristas

I have been coming here for quite some time since I have been living here in Hood River and have enjoyed many interesting and great conversations with the baristas here. They all have a unique and outgoing personality and the service here has always made me feel very welcome which is a great reason to come here, whether you need a local tip or just want to chat with one of Hood River’s local baristas they can point you in the right direction if you are looking for things to do here locally, local events, local info or just getting to know some of the great people that are here in Hood River you will find they all have a great quality that stands out. For example, Parker, whom I interviewed for a local podcast has some interesting experiences with traveling, fitness, living in different places and can talk about such a diverse range of topics from Thailand to MMA to Utah. The same for all the baristas here they all have very interesting stories to share once you get to know them, plus they can do latte art!!!!

Reason number 1 — The Fresh Roasted Coffee

The coffee here is roasted in store so why wouldn’t it be amongst the best in Hood River? They can also do pour over coffee for each cup, from fresh roasted beans, so it would be quite difficult to find more fresh coffee to choose from here in Hood River. I have found the coffee to be particularly great as you go for a morning walk in the winter along the river. Nothing quite beats a hot cup of fresh roasted cofffee, pour over, before you walk in the morning which is a great way to enjoy that nice fresh coffee. They have several blends to choose from and they do sell the beans in store. So, if you are thinking of coffee shops in Hood River be sure to think of Stoked Coffee Roasters to check out a high quality and happening coffee shop in town

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