Very well made video by FindlayTucker trying each coffee shop in Hood River.   I have reposted this video showing a little of each coffee shop in Hood River.


From the Channel:

Welcome to my first ever video in FULL VoiceOver! I had a blast filming and editing this and VoiceOver is something I will definitely be practicing and applying to future videos… I wanted to mention briefly that this video was inspired by a vlogger by the name of Monica Church who did a video where she visited a lot of Seattle coffee shops. I thought it was a great video and I just had to put my own spin on it. You can find her video here: ANYWAY, this past week I visited (hopefully) every coffee shop in Hood River, Oregon. (I excluded Starbucks because every Starbucks is or at least should be pretty much the same in terms of beverage and food quality.) I enjoyed every single coffee shop that I visited, but there were definitely a couple of stand outs. Make sure to watch to the end to see who reigns supreme! Thanks so much for watching! Subscribe for more weird little videos every Tuesday at Noon. Follow me everywhere @findlaytucker