Modern Taco Hood River: Highly Recommended!!

Logo and Inside Modern Taco Hood River

Modern Taco in Hood River, OR is open for business as of August 2020 here in Hood River, OR and is one of the finest restaurants that Hood River has to offer. The core dishes are centered around tacos, of course, owing to the name and they do deliver on what you would expect from a restaurant with the name taco in its name.

First Impressions

Upon entering Modern Taco I did notice the brand new decor, the clean surfaces and kind staff that were very helpful and cheerfully nice as I was seated at first impression I must say this was an impressive place. I snapped a few pictures upon entering and was also greeted by one of the owners and was shown my table and a quick glance at the menu I noticed how simple but well done the menu was. The choices are very simple, but unique in that they have a selection of interesting tacos such as the curry chicken taco, which was my choice. I was also recommended the another taco that came in sort of an “asian bun” type of texture, which was white but shaped like a taco. I do get ahead of myself though. After looking through the menu which you can find on the Wicket Burger Facebook Page:

You can see they have a great selection of, of course, tacos!!! The drink menu is well done and even include a watermelon margarita that sounds amazing as I myself am a huge fan of water melon.

After ordering, I was given some great chips and two sides of salsa; one green and one red salsa. The green salsa was a bit spicy, but I love spicy so of course I ate that all up. I had a few chips, but I did not eat all of them, looking back I should have asked only for a few chips.

I ordered the curry chicken, the cilantro lime rice, and the crispy pork belly on bao bun. All three were absolutely amazing and I was most impressed with the pork belly on bao bun. It was different, noticeable, memorable, and impressive!! I took the salsa, both green and red from my chips and put them on my cilantro and lime rice. I ate all of it up quickly as I was most impressed and devoured the entire meal.

As a side note if you are a sports fan, they did have the tv going on there and tuned to…I believe it was hockey, I think? I can’t remember off the top of my head exactly what sport they had it on, but if you are a sports fan, check with them as you may be able to catch your favorite sports show while having some of the best tacos you will ever eat!

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