About Four And Twenty Blackbird Food Truck

I have heard of the burrito and other items available at a food truck here in Hood River called 420/Four twenty Blackbird Food Truck. I have been intrigued for a while about trying this, but never had the chance as it was convenient to try it out until a few days ago and I was not disapointed. I decided to try the “Bad Ass Breakfast Burrito” as I really enjoy a breakfast burrito to start my day.

I first stopped in to a place called “Remedy Cafe” to get some green juice, for the life of me I can’t remember what exactly I had ordered, but I felt it would go well with my planned breakfast burrito.

I was not disappointed in the breakfast burrito. This burrito was actually enough for two people and I had even ordered a lighter version without as many potatoes and this burrito had a lot of great things. Potatoes, cheese, 2 eggs, broccoli, and I think mine had chorizo as well.

Four Twenty Blackbird Breakfast Burrito
Four Twenty Blackbird Breakfast Burrito

If it looks good it is because it was great. I will definitely go back for more. The location is near the Hood River Cinemas here in Hood River, so there is always plenty of parking near this food truck.

Here is a gallery of more pictures I took of this food truck, but they have awesome stuff!!!

Opinion: Very very impressed with the quality and taste!! Recommend it!!

Overall I was very impressed with it, and I can’t wait to try another item very soon, of course with a review. I took a quick look on the website for and see that he is a chef….so you get all the great quality of a professional chef and the quality and passion for food for a low price because there isn’t any expensive overhead of restaurant and decor there? I’ll def be going back and gladly giving them my money for the quality of this food!! Please give this a try!

Website for Four and Twenty Blackbirds: https://www.fourandtwentyblackbirds.me/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/4and20_blackbirds/

For further reference, if you are into breakfast burritos, Stoked Coffee Roasters now has breakfast burritos with hot and mild homemade salsa and sauce as well, if you want two great places to get breakfast burritos here locally I suggest you check them out, I did another article on them a few days ago and here is the link, now there isn’t anything about breakfast burritos in there, but they do have them available now as of September 23, 2020.

thanks for reading!!!