Overall the experience was great

I had a great overall experience with this restaurant and many of the positive experiences may be a bit due to the fact that they are actually a very new restaurant and sushi bar. Everything was very clean and the food looked good and of course tasted great.

Kobe Sushi is located right by the Hampton Inn and Suites in Hood River, next to the waterfront. It is a really nice Asian and Sushi restaurant and is quite new, and that being said what struck me first was the clean interior, clean and very well made and clear menus I found. I thought the overall experience was great.

Kobe Sushi Menu
Kobe Sushi Menu

To start with, the menus were nicely done, not too many items on it as is my complaint with many restaurants, but just enough to know they do those items very well. By this I mean that sometimes when a restaurant does to many food dishes they end up not doing anything to spectacularly and I think Kobe had just enough to get me to come back but not overbearing with their menu.

The menus were very clean, clean inside, and for this I know the restaurant is very new, and this is to be expected from a brand new restaurant. The actual menu came off as very well done and the reason I am writing about such a small item such as the physical menu is many times I visit a restaurant and you get a sticky menu, and you can see blobs of “stuff” on the menu, so details do matter from the customer point of view.

So, next was the staff….I thought we had a very good experience from the staff. All of the staff were friendly and welcoming. The sushi chefs looked like they were actually have a great time and were all seemed very happy. They have two “bars” a sushi bar and a drink bar, and both looked very well done. They did have a screen near the drink bar to watch sports and near the sushi bar it seemed like the chefs were very happy and welcomed a good conversation.

Kobe Sushi Bar
Kobe Sushi Bar

The Food

The food: So the food was very good. My only complaint was a personal one which others may not care about, which is the appetizer we had was a bit sweet for me, and my other companions thought it was very delicious, and it was, but I thought just a bit on the sweet side for me…if I am not mistaken it may have been the chicken appetizer…..but as this was days ago I can’t remember which item this was.

I had the “Angry Tuna” or a roll that was about 14 dollars……I think the name was the Angry Tuna, but again don’t quote me on that. I love sushi, so I was very much looking forward to this roll. The roll was good, I did enjoy it, my only complaint was that it was a bit small, but then again I had both crab and Tuna in this roll so I know I was definately getting my money’s worth in this roll. I think next time I will get some other rolls.

I Recommend Kobe Sushi Located off of I-84 in Hood River

All that being said I think we all had a great time with this restaurant. Overall I would say I was very impressed and my highlight was with the fact that they concentrate on such a small number of items compared to other restaurants. I am very much looking forward to trying the Thai dishes they have available.

Angry Tuna Roll
Angry Tuna roll and thumbs up from Uryan

As I was with my friends they did have some beer which I will def post some pictures. They seemed to really enjoy the beer I think they have an assortment of local beers also. Local beer and sushi, Thai dishes, overall I really enjoyed my time in this restaurant.

With friends at Kobe Sushi
Foodie Tester Nicole with Spicy Tuna

I do recommend this restaurant for sushi and for a great experience especially if you are passing by on I – 84 going into or out of Portland. A great stop for a great meal.

Picture of inside Kobe Sushi Restuarant
Inside picture of Kobe Sushi Restaurant Hood River

What have been some of your experiences with this restaurant in Hood River? What do you recommend here?