“Traffic Jam” at the Hood River WAAM Museum

Looking for something to do along the Hood River Fruit Loop here in Hood River? If you happen to be around in July you can check out the “Traffic Jam” at the Hood River WAAM located here in Hood River. The Traffic Jam event is an annual event of vintage cars, from muscle cars to cars as far back as the 1920’s if you are into vintage this event is a must see in Hood River.

Have a car to show off? Registration is 20 dollars per vehicle and each additional rider is 5 dollars. Dry camping is available for overnight stays. Be sure to bring a way to cool down as the weather in July has been known to get quite hot.

General admission to the event is 19 dollars for adults and 10 dollars for kids. The price includes museum admission which in itself is an amazing tour of old and exotic cars, planes and other things from the past. This is a great place to take children as the museum even has a kids section for kids to play.

The gift shop is amazing as well! See: https://www.discoverhoodriver.com/waam-museum-hood-river-gift-shop-october-2020/ for more details.

Where is the WAAM Located?

The Hood River WAAM is located at 1600 Air Museum Road in Hood River.

They are generally open daily 9am to 5pm except for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day.

For more information on the Hood River WAAM check out their homepage: https://www.waaamuseum.org/

For Traffic Jam Specific Information: https://www.waaamuseum.org/events/traffic-jam