WAAM Museum Hood River Gift Shop: Impressions

I just wanted to show what an incredible gift shop the WAAM (Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum) in Hood River has and the amazing gifts and souvenirs for sale a bit outside of downtown Hood River, but I must say it is on the fruit loop in Hood River, so either you can visit this on the backend of your fruitloop tour, or as the beginning of it. Located at 1600 Air Museum Road in Hood River, it is hard to miss, especially the incredible outside which I did an entire article on it:

First article I did on the WAAM Museum In Hood River.

Tons of great things, especially for the kids, on the outside, and especially before you even walk in…in all honesty if you visit the gift shop and the outside that in itself will be about a 30 minute tour if you walk slowly and you can leave a bit for next time you want to visit the museum.

Well, once you get inside the front door you will notice a few things:

They have a few brochures there, to gather even more information about antiques, planes, and things to do in Hood River in general.

On first impression of the gift shop you may be impressed with the cleanliness of it, and the wide variety of gifts and things for sale here. The gift shop really is impressive and well kept, the merchandise seems to be top notch with all sorts of things from toys for kids, to books, to clothing. What is very appealing about this shop is the wide assortment of gifts and appeal to different generations of family. So, if you have a child there are gifts, if someone is into books, there are gifts such as books, pamphlets, and other learning material and if someone is really into vintage things there are gifts as well. I was very impressed with the selection of gifts here and would highly recommend this even if for a free stop along the fruit loop tour. I say free, because the gift shop is free, although you must pay to enter into the actual WAAM museum, they even have a small lounge area nearby with some coffee if you really don’t want to go into the actual musem.

WAAM Museum Gift Shop Conclusion: Very impressive and great gifts!!

Overall I highly recommend stopping in here even if for a free stop on your tour of Hood River. If you have kids, this is great, if you are with someone who is into history especially, this a must see and must stop place as they have lots of gifts, books, history, and other material someone into history or vintage planes and automobiles are sure to enjoy.

They also have great toys for kids, a coffee and lounge area to relax and all for free if you want to keep your trip a bit cheaper and you can then take a quick stroll outside to see the vintage cars and things outside. All free of course!! Remember, the museum does charge to actually go into the museum but in any case I highly recommend stopping into the gift shop regardless. Let me know what you think about this if you wish, email me at [email protected] if you have any suggestions on making this article better.

Thanks for reading and I wanted to post some pictures of the giftshop in gallery form so that you can see what every aspect looks like:

Gallery of WAAM Gift Shop: October 2020

Contact for WAAM Museum Hood River

Website: https://www.waaamuseum.org/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WAAAMuseum

Gift Shop PDF Catalog: https://www.waaamuseum.org/images/pdfs/WAAAM_Gift_Shop_v3.pdf