Hood River is a very unique small town and one in which has many things to do. Here is a list of things that Hood River is known for.

1.) Windsurfing — Hood River has been called “The Windsurfing Capital of the World” and for good reason. The winds in this region and the geography and topography make this place, specifically The Gorge, one of the best places to practice this type of outdoor activity. To top it off, Hood River has many places from which to shop windsurfing equipment, gear, and get local information from people in the industry.

2.) Mt Hood and snow sports — Wintertime brings some opportunities to drop the windsurfing and go for a snowboarding or ski run on the nearby mountain which also boasts a ski resort. On Mt. Hood there is something for everyone, skiiing, snowboarding, hiking, and a resort Lodge make this a top destination for snow enthusiasts from all over the world. Just don’t get caught in the snowstorms though.

3.) Hiking — The nearby hills, mountains and trails make this area a spectacular place to hike or do some trail running. Hood River is home to some very fit people so you will not have any issue finding places, trails or roads to hike, run, or bike. Have a question? Go to nearby Shortt Supply. They are Hood River’s go to place for local info on where to run, hike, and get some outdoor gear so you can be ready when you do go out. Here is the website: https://www.shorttsupply.com/

4.) Biking and Cycling — Both on road and off road biking and cycling are massive draws to the area. Hood River has some very unique places to bike. For starters there is the world famous Fruit Loop, which takes you up Dee Highway where you can cross the beautiful Hood River, and from there you bike towards Parkdale, where on the way there you will see the beautiful Mt. Hood. Once to Parkdale you can visit some great stops for visitors such as Apple Valley BBQ, they have some of the best food in the area and all in an area where you can view this incredible mountain. Mountain biking is very big here and I highly suggest getting with one of the many bike shops in the area as they can direct you to many interesting spots to take your mountain bike for a ride.