I just wanted to share a short article on a few places that are great for kids in Hood River. If you happen to find yourself here and you have kids under the age of 10 there are a few places which you may want to consider that will keep them entertained and are safe for kids under 10.

The first place that comes to mind is the kids park near the Hood River waterfront near the Columbia River and in front of a coffee shop called Stoked Coffee.  This playground is where many parents take their kids for a day out and the park has many interesting things to offer kids such as climbing obstacles, balancing type equipment and other things to keep them happy.  As mentioned this is located right in front of a popular coffee shop and while they are playing you may want to enjoy something from Stoked Coffee Roasters.  Added to this is nearby there is a great restaurant called Solstice, which has a small play area for kids I would say it looks for kids under about 5 or 6 to play in while you enjoy a lunch and are able to keep an eye on them while enjoying some of the finest food in Hood River.

A quick word on Solstice, they have some great food.  The service I have received there has always been top quality and I have never had a complaint to say about Solstice.  Whatever you wish, lunch, dinner, beer, coffee, or appetizers they have a great selection of fine food, and everything I have had there has been on the level if not better than Cheesecake factory in my humble opinion.

In downtown Hood River you have another children’s park.  I think this will entertain kids slightly less in age than the one by the river and has and is made up of a sort of wooden jungle gym type of arrangement.  Excuse me as I do not have photos of either at the moment.

This one is located at the intersection of 9th and Eugene street.  It is within about a 10 minute walk from downtown Hood River, at least as far as I can tell, maybe even a bit less, but you have to walk slightly uphill so you may want to drive there.

If you know of any more places that would be great for kids of all ages to visit please comment below.