This will be a brief article about some relaxing outdoor activities that one may partake in while visiting Hood River, OR.  If you are looking to do some relaxing outdoor activities you have definitely come to the right place.  Here is a brief list of things you can do to relax outside in Hood River.

1.)  Camping:  Camping is always a relaxing activity and can do wonders for mental and physical health.  The human body was meant to be outside, sleeping under that stars and Hood River offers a few places to enjoy your camping activities.  For starters, I would check out the local Tucker Park located just across the Hood River.  This park is beautiful and staying there next to the sound of water flowing through the Hood River is a constant “White noise”, which I personally feel helps to put your mind at ease.  From the website and information on this from the Hood River County website:

“Be advised that campsites at Tucker Park do not have electric, water, or sewer hook-ups and that the park does not have a dump station.  Potable water is available throughout the park.

All campsites at Tucker Park are available on a FCFS basis between May 1 and October 31.  The campground area is closed to the public between November 1 and April 30 and the day-use area is closed to the public between November 1 and March 31.  Camping is strictly prohibited in the day-use area.  All campsite fees are due upon arrival.  Fees allow for a maximum site occupancy of four (4) persons per site, excluding children.  Each site is permitted either one (1) tent, one (1) RV, one (1) Sprinter Van, or one (1) vehicle with trailer; plus one (1) additional non-sleeping vehicle.  Some exclusions apply for group sites; see below for details.  Guests exceeding any occupancy limits may be required to purchase additional sites as payment options for extra tents or vehicles are not available.  Please be courteous in assuring all tents, vehicles and other property fit within the boundary of the site.  If site boundaries are unclear, please see a Campground Host, a Hood River County employee or contact the Parks & Buildings Department at (541) 387-6889 for clarification.  Guests are responsible for purchasing an available site at the pay station upon arrival.  Please ensure the receipt is displayed on the appropriate site post for the duration of your stay so a Host can verify payment has been made.  Be advised that campfire restrictions may go into effect, without notice, at any time during the season and that firewood is not sold at the park.  See below for campsite fee pricing and we hope you enjoy your stay at Tucker Park.”

Please see the link for fees, and other misc information.


2.)  Walking and Hiking:   This area is superb for walking and hiking.  Most of the time and year round the weather is acceptable to walk or hike just about anywhere here.  There are several reasons why it is particularly great here.  First, there are many hikes and trails to choose from, one of them being the unique walkway on the Colombia River near many great businesses.  My recommendation is to Google “Stoked Coffee Roasters” and follow your GPS to get there, park, and once there you will see activities and things for kids, a walkway along the beautiful Columbia River and places to eat and have a cup of coffee.

Some local businesses nearby which are all top notch are Stoked Coffee Roasters, Solstice, and Camp 1805, not to mention Pfriem Brewery.  All of these places are great places to eat and drink, and this place is great especially if you have kids as there is a kids park nearby to keep your kids happy of course while you have your espresso shots.

As for the hiking, if that is not quite enough, Hood River offers many places to hike.  For some local places, I would personally suggest you go to a running store in town called Shortt Supply.

Shortt Supply


3.)  Outdoor Yoga:   I am sure you can find some great Yoga studios here.  Hood River has many Yoga studios and if you are into Yoga there are many places to practice this fast growing activity.  Don’t see one that interests you offhand?  Don’t fret….just visit one of the many coffee shops, juice bars and places where you can see things posted on bulletins and you are sure to find many people that practice Yoga and I am more than sure some practice outside, near the river, perhaps in the parks and other relaxing venues.


I hope you enjoyed this short article on relaxing activities here in Hood River.  Please comment if I missed anything or if you would like to promote your Yoga studio as well.