About Sub Deo Firearm Training

From the website: “The SUB DEO Team is composed of Law Enforcement Trained Professionals. We hold Firearms Training Certs through Virginia State & Federal Firearms Training Agencies as well as professional & personal firearms experience through specialized units such as SWAT & Combat experience.

We are dedicated to ensuring your well-being by providing you with firearms training that surpasses any other gun classes in the region. We are proud to be the only company dedicated to educating women, youth & families as a whole.

Our training facility is in Lanexa, VA but we can come to you, anywhere in the U.S.”

This SUB DEO Teen is in a tinfoil burrito 🌯! Who said it wasn’t fun learning life-saving skills such as trauma medical care?

All SUB DEO teens are knowledgeable and proficient with life-saving skills. Find our more by visiting our website or customizing a private or home school training today.

Space Blanket Tips:
We are getting a lot of cold wet weather here on the east coast. Hypothermia is certainly something you have to be cognizant of during winter weather. A space blanket has many uses other than just keeping you warm (which it does quite well), it can serve as a make shift litter, and even small tent. They are inexpensive and quite useful, make sure you have a couple in your kit and in your vehicle!

Sub Deo Website and for more information on firearms training in the Vancouver/Portland and Columbia Gorge area: https://www.subdeofirearmstraining.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sub_deo_firearms_training/

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