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Looking for a defensive handgun training in Oregon? I suggest having a look at Sub Deo Firearms training based out of Hampton Roads, VA. Hampton Roads, VA? Yes,while many handgun and defensive gun training schools are based back East, this training offers classes several times a year in Oregon. In particular if you happen to be in the Hood River area and you would like a top instructor for defensive handgun and gun training, check out Sub Deo Firearms. The owner is a Hood River native and has real world experience and situational experience along with examples and stories of how the real world works in regards to defensive gun training. I highly recommend this school for family gun safety and defensive training. Check out the video below to see a bit of the training by Hood River native Beatriz Huptich of Sub Deo:

As you can see the founder and CEO is very knowledgable about all aspects of firearms and safety and even offer training in other aspects of firearms. They do specialize in family and helping women to become more proficient in firearms and defensive training. They also have instruction on trauma and medical training just in case the situation calls for such training to be used. An interesting concept as not many firearm training facilities cater to families and women, as well as mostly a defensive mindset, Sub Deo Firearms Training is a special type of firearms school that is very rare and should you wish to train defensively or know someone who may wish to take classes from highly qualified instructors from the East Coast, let them know that Sub Deo offers several classes a year here in Oregon.

Mission of Sub Deo Firearms Training

The mission statement of Sub Deo “Our mission is to reduce victimization in our community by empowering and educating families. We impart life-saving skills, willpower, and survival mentalities.”

They do specialize in particular working with families, women, and kids and instilling the highest standards of safety and defensive mindset in regards to firearm training.

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As an example of gun training classes they hold in the Portland/Vancouver area check out this post from October 2020, too late as of this writing now, but keep in touch with Sub Deo for more training opportunties in the future for defensive gun training in Oregon and the Portland and Vancouver area. — Training in the Vancouver, WA area. — Training in the Vancouver, WA area.

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Conclusion on Sub Deo Firearm Training

I would highly suggest checking out Sub Deo if you are looking for highly qualified instructors to teach you defensive firearms training here in Oregon. This is definitely the business to go to if you are looking to train your family or child in defensive firearms tactics and defensive thinking, strategies and even medical trauma advice on what to do if you ever are in a tough situation and you need to make life saving decisions in a split second. It is much better to have the training when you need it rather than be a helpless bystander with no training if you are in a situation and you have no idea what to do. I hope you like this article and that you have found it helpful, if you know anyone that is thinking of any firearms training in the Hood River area, share this with them!