A Quick Guide to Hood River

Hood River is a beautiful town on the Columbia River Gorge and is located about an hour East of Portland and is a major tourist destination with high traffic from Portland and visitors to Portland coming West on the I-84 highway. Known as the “Windsurfing capital of the World” this town boasts tons of amazing outdoor sports, recreation, and scenic beauty. Investing in Hood River real estate is not a bad choice given that Oregon itself is growing, plus the scenic area ensures that people will want to be here and continue to travel to this beautiful destination for many years to come.

Mt Adams from WAAM Museum View
View of Mt Adams from the WAAM Museum in Hood River, OR. Barn and Mountain view.

Hood River is situated in such a great location as you can see both Mt Adams, and Mt Hood which means many locations here offer the opportunity to see the glorious mountains if you choose the right house or build. Home prices are relatively high, and that is what I have gathered from living here for about 4 years now. I would say prices are above average, but I believe that the high prices are sustainable given that the scenic beauty and tons and tons of outdoor activities are available here from skiing, windsurfing, hiking, running, mountain biking, amongst many other things available make this town a great place to live and work.

Real Estate Companies and Agents In Hood River

Based on what I have seen here is a list of what I see as some of the most prominent real estate companies in Hood River. I must add that this list is not a ranking list, only the good and positive things I have seen from each company and I wanted to give a visitor a quick guide to the most visible ones I have seen here locally. The agents listed here I have met with personally and I know them to have that local info to get you started whether you need something for yourself or for a family they will get you to where you want to be here in Hood River.

1.) https://donnunamaker.com/ — This is the website for Nunamaker Real Estate and I have been in their office and have always been treated very courteously and warmly. They seem to have a deep local knowledge of the area and I would rate them very highly both for their knowledge and their professionalism. I can suggest one agent here Jennifer Josephson, as I have personally met with her and she is a native of the area and would be highly knowledgeable about the area especially the outdoor activities and suggestions for new families to the area.


2.) https://www.copperwest.com/ — Copperwest Real Estate. They have offices located in downtown Hood River and from what I have seen they have some very spectacular listings.

I personally know Nate Devol, whom I can safely suggest to contact through Copper West or through the link which you can find his contact information. An interesting person, Nate would know a lot of great things about Hood River and he is also the local owner of a very popular coffee shop in town, Dog River Coffee.

I do not have a picture of Nate, but the link provided will take you to his profile.

3.) https://thegorge.withwre.com/ — Windermere Real Estate. They also have an office, or two actually, in downtown Hood River and they also have pictures and posters/flyers in front of their office listing their places for sale. I have met with one of their representatives, Kaylee Colt, about Hood River in general and she was very professional and courteous and we talked about real estate topics at the Windermere Office in downtown Hood River.


Why not to use Zillow or Other Big Real Estate Websites

So, doing a quick search on the internet for real estate and being local now for 4 years from time to time I do search for real estate deals to see what is around me, home prices, and other things I have found that in this area you need to go straight to one of these companies for better information as the information I have found in the big real estate websites are not great. Also, just in case you are renting, it will be difficult to find places to rent on websites like apartments.com or zillow. Those sites don’t have anything that are locally listed and I also can add a local link to where most local people get their apartments and small places to rent for a time here. They use gorge.net classifieds.

For rentals and local buy and sell stuff go here, as I mentioned this is especially useful for small places to rent and things:


I hope you like this short article on how to get started with looking for a place to buy or sell here in Hood River! If you like this please share it with anyone you think may enjoy reading about Hood River. Thanks for reading!