Taco Poncitlan Food Truck Hood River: March 2021

Just wanted to give a quick guide to a local food truck here in Hood River, the Taco Poncitlan Food Truck here near Apple Valley Body Shop here in Hood River. If you so happen to be on the fruit loop here in Hood River, this taco truck is actually on the way and just as you are heading out from town going towards the WAAM Museum you should see this food truck on the right hand side, as I mentioned in front of Apple Valley Body Shop.

Taco Poncitlan is in front of the Apple Valley Auto Body Shop

Taco Poncitlan Food Truck in Hood River Menu and Hours

Hours are Monday through Saturday 10am to 7pm.

Taco Poncitlan Hours and Phone Number: March 2021
Taco Poncitlan Hours and Phone Number: March 2021

Taco Poncitlan Food Truck Menu

Here are a few pictures of their menu and specials for that particular day that I was there.

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