About Ixtapa

Ixtapa is located at 2827 W Cascade Ave in Hood River and is a new restaurant that previously had a location across the street, but they have opened a new location this past year and I am never disappointed when I try something new here. They have always had amazing service and amazing food. I just wanted to give a quick 5 reasons to check out Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant in Hood River.

Reason Number 1: New Restaurant

The restaurant is new, so everything is high quality and very new, clean, and perfectly decorated. The menu great, with a wide selection of meals available from small portion plates to larger plates. The way this is decorated is excellent and the parking is great. They have a large number of parking spaces available as well as adequate seating to handle a busy Friday or Saturday night.

Reason Number 2: The Bar is Amazing

The bar here is really great, they have an amazing selection of alcoholic beverages and while I am not one to be an expert on drinks, I”m sure that anyone that is can find something from this bar, which is well kept, and I see many exotic looking drink items here.

Bar area at Ixtapa
Ixtapa has a great bar!

Reason Number 3: Food Quality

The quality of the food is really good. I have only had great experiences here and the flavors here are great on many of the items here. The flavors of their ingredients comes out in the dishes that I have tried and they all come out perfectly cooked and I have had more than a few items on the menu here from the tamales to the soups I have yet to have a dish that I do not like here.

Reason Number 4: Location

The location of this restaurant is just a little bit further away from a lot of the big restaurants in Hood River, however, if you do happen to come off the exit 62 coming from Portland and you find yourself hungry and looking for something to eat, especially if you are staying at a nearby Holiday Inn Express located within walking distance practically of the restaurant you will most likely find the location convenient. Also, it has a great view of Mt Adams if you are here by chance on a clear sunny day you can see the mountain from the front entrance and it looks beautiful.

View of parking lot at Ixtapa Restaurant
View of parking lot looking across the street taken from Ixtapa Mexican restaurant in Hood River

Reason Number 5: Wide Menu Selection

As I previously stated, the wide menu selection is a major reason in coming here, the food is very good, and I highly recommend coming here esepcially if you have a large group as different people of course want different things. There are a nice number of items on the menu and this works very well if you are trying to please more than a few people in particular. Also, this wide menu doesn’t mean a loss of quality from smaller menus. The items have all been great and with everything being so well prepared this gives you a great reason to come back for more! That and along with the great staff and great service means this restaurant is a sure bet to be on your list of places to try in Hood River!

I hope you have enjoyed this short article on Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant, I always enjoy coming here for their great food, great service, friendly atmosphere and great selection on their amazing menu. Please let me know if you enjoyed this article if you wish email me at [email protected] or like my Facebook page and follow me.


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