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The following article was originally posted to and by Grateful Vineyard near Parkdale, OR.

Golden Row Cider
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I just wanted to repost it as it was a great post about the benefits of cider. Cider has been shown to have some health benefits and Grateful Vinyard makes their own cider brand called Golden Row Cider, from which this post comes.

We’re all doing what we can right now to stay in good health. Luckily for cider drinkers, recent studies have found that a half pint (8 ounces) of cider can provide the same amount of goodness as a glass of red wine, the drink long praised for its health benefits when consumed in moderation.

1. Antioxidants
Cider, like red wine, contains quite a few antioxidants due to the superfood qualities that the apple provides. A popular word that gets thrown around quite often in the health world and with good reason, antioxidants are compounds found in fresh foods and vegetables that helps slow down the free radicals in your body causing negative health issues, including cancer, heart disease and aging. In fact, cider contains more antioxidants than green tea and, when consumed in moderation, can offer positive results outside of just a buzz.

2. Vitamin C
With antioxidants comes the immune system’s best friend, vitamin C. Vitamin C has been raved about for decades by health professionals and dietitians, and continues to stand out in the health world for its array of benefits. Some of the most common advantages of this vitamin include strengthening the immune system, helping control symptoms of asthma and the power to potentially boost your mood.

3. No Gluten
An obvious point as cider does not include gluten (simply pressed apples, yeast, berries), but those sensitive to gluten or just aren’t huge fans find cider a perfect substitute for those drinks like beer. This enables those who are gluten-free an opportunity to indulge and enjoy along with their company.

4. Stomach Ache Aid
if you’re feeling under the weather, the carbonation in the cider can aid your stomach problems in the same way that the light citrus soda pops would and, within sips,  potentially ease an upset stomach. The more bubbles, the better. Join us today for our farm to glass cider at Grateful. We have it available to enjoy here or togo.

About Golden Row Cider

Golden Row Cider is made from nothing but apples from Mt. View’s row of 100-year-old apple trees. Each cider blend starts with a base of apples fresh-pressed on site in a small-craft cidery to achieve a balance of sweetness, tartness, and dryness that everyone loves. After fermentation, the cider is back-sweetened with more fresh-pressed juice. Along with having no extra sugar, Golden Row is naturally gluten free. 

Visitors to Mt. View can now enjoy samples of Golden Row at the cidery, take home growlers from the fruit stand, or order kegs for their special event, restaurant, or wedding.”

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