Why You Should Check the Weather Before Your Trip

Special Note before you check the weather in any of the websites. ****

The Zip code for input into any of the websites is: 97041

A good town to use if you can’t use Mt Hood would be Mount Hood Meadows for information about the weather around Mt Hood in any of these websites if you need to check the weather. The main roads around Mt Hood are Highway 35, which comes from Hood River and Highway 26. So you may see those roads on some reports and that is because those are the major highways around Mt Hood.

During the winter months especially it is important to check the weather before your trip to Mt Hood as the weather can turn very bad during snowstorms and during the spring and fall it may be wise to check before you find yourself fighting severe weather such as unexpected snow or rain. Mt Hood is an absolutely stunning mountain and you should check the weather before you go as you wouldn’t want your trip ruined by a small lack of planning.

Also, before you search for weather conditions on Mt Hood it is important to remember there are two places to ski and lodge, Timberline Lodge and Mount Hood Meadows. Be aware they are two different places but both have good info on the weather and webcams.

Webcams for Mount Hood

I thought I’d start off with some web cams which this site provides very well. In this following link you can find webcams all around Mount Hood including Timberline Lodge. Which by the way they have up to date weather info on their site on the front page as well as a link to their webcam.

They actualy have a page here which gives access to all six of their web cams for the latest view of the weather:


If the previous link doesn’t work try the home page: https://www.timberlinelodge.com/ You can then click on the live webcams on the right hand side of the homepage.

The following link is webcams around Mt Hood and here you can see some of the surrounding road conditions.


Other Links for Weather Conditions for Mt Hood

Here is another one I found from a website that tracks the weather on Mountain Forecasts.


The following link is for the weather.gov website and is a national website, but you’ll need to know what to enter to get to the weather for Mt Hood, which is you need to input the correct location which is Mt Hood Meadows.

https://www.weather.gov/ — In the location bar in here put or type in Mt Hood Meadows, maybe Mount Hood Meadows as your location and that will be the weather for Mt Hood.

The following link is for the Forest Service page on the surrounding areas near Mt Hood. This page is great because they lay out all types of information such as snow, ice, and avalanche information as well as links to Oregon Department of Transportation which may have additional information on road conditions straight from Oregon Department of Transportation.


Other Weather Sites and Information

National Weather Service:


The Weather Channel:




Weather Underground:


This website began as an offshoot weather database of Michigan State University.  Then in 2012, it was purchased by the weather channel to obtain the information more than other weather stations. It provides a more accurate and customizable map to local data.

“Whenever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”



Interesting thing to note here about darksky is that it is owned and run by Apple.

It issues minimal forecast with animated report of weather with conditions like 7 day and 24 hour forecast, current conditions, location, and temperature. You can also get the conditions, forecasts, and data smattering.

Weather Bug:


I hope you have enjoyed this short article and I hope you like the information provided. Please enjoy your trip to Mount Hood!!