Pizza And Coffee Combination That Works Well!

Kainos Coffee
Kainos Coffee Entrance Sign The Dalles

If you happen to be heading out to The Dalles, OR for an afternoon, or for the day, one place that is a must to see and highly recommended is Kainos Coffee if you need a place to stop in for breakfast or lunch, or even to check your email while trying out some fresh made coffee which they roast in small batches right there in store. 

Kainos Coffee Small batch roasters
Kainos Coffee is a small batch roastery in The Dalles, OR.

On entrance you will most likely notice the roastery, the brick oven, and bags of fresh beans ready to be roasted in small batches to be brewed for the day right there along with fire baked pizza.  The staff are amazing and helpful with both questions and taking your directions on handcrafted drinks, along with being very attentive to making sure you have a great experience there as well as answering questions about the menu or accommodating your directions for how you want your drink or pizza to be personalized to your liking and taste.  All of the conversations have been interesting and welcoming with those who work there and I definitely look forward to enjoying more pizza and other items and seeing what new food and drink items to enjoy when I do head into The Dalles.   

A Few More Great Things About Kainos Coffee In The Dalles

They do have a kids activity area

Sofas and other comfortable seating is available

Located in the downtown area so if you would like to check out some interesting stores nearby, this is a great place to stop in and start your exploration of The Dalles. 

Hi speed internet is available

You may want to ask your kids to find the “Waldo” in the store, keep them busy!

Kainos Coffee
Where’s Waldo in Kainos Coffee The Dalles

Located in The Dalles, OR, they also have another location in Portland and their credentials are impressive as they have been featured on quite a list of very credible sources such as Vice, Travel Channel, and Monthly Portland. 

Around Kainos you will see a lot of interesting shops around, such as antique stores, music, self defense and just down the street is a yoga and herbal studio, so it does make for a great start of your journey into the heart of The Dalles. 

If you want to check them out look have a drive to downtown The Dalles and they are located at: 418 E 2nd St #2412, The Dalles, OR 97058

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