Chalk Inc, is offering a week of free classes and remote coaching and they seem to have some very interesting offerings to keep your kids active and busy.


This is a full week of classes at Chalk School of Movement! We are so excited about this program, our coaches, and our lesson plans, that we want to share a full week sample with you at no cost! Check it out, try our Parkour and Gymnastics classes and let us know what you think. We know your kids will love them, and they’ll get better and better every week!

These classes can be done follow along style. Please be sure to only do movements approved by parents and get all things approved in advance. Watch the video and then take a screen break and go practice your drills! For the warmup you may need to pause after each demonstration to do your reps!

Beginner Parkour Virtual Lesson # 4

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About Chalk Gymnastics in Hood River

Chalk Gymnastics was founded in 2018 by Jeri McMaster, with Head Coach Amy Ferarris, mentor Steve Roney and builder Joel Hart deeply involved in all aspects of early planning and development of the program and facility. The program now runs with a coaching crew of six to eight coaches and a small crew of mentors/advisors.

Chalk is located at 1531 Osprey Drive in Hood River, Oregon. Our facilities provide:

  • 40 x 40 carpeted spring floor
  • Numerous balance beams
  • Uneven bars
  • A vaulting area
  • A tumble track
  • Drill centers to learn progressive skills
  • Inflatable equipment and play pieces
  • The gym is also carpeted with numerous matting and crash pads to ensure protection for the gymnast’s safety.
  • Tot’s Gym for Parent/Child & Pre/K Classes