About Andrews Pizza and Skylight Theater

Andrews Pizza and Skylight Theater are very great things to check out while here in Hood River. I highly suggest coming to check out a movie if you need to relax while on a bit of a vacation or getaway here in Hood River. They are located at 107 Oak St, Hood River, OR.

This is one amazing place to see a movie, as I always enjoy it and I do consider myself somewhat of a movie goer as I very much look forward to seeing my Friday or Saturday night movie. There are a few things that make this pizza and movie place special. For starters, their selection of pastries and great pizza is a great way to start your movie night. No need to go to one location for food then drive or walk to catch the movie you can just go straight there to enjoy both. The pastries they have available there are amazing, they look so great! Here is a photo of one I took while in there the other day:

Pastries at Andrews Pizza Hood River
Pastries at Andrews Pizza Hood River

Dining Area

They have an enjoyable dining area, an outside patio currently as of September 2020 and nice movie decor as well.

Upstairs from Andrews there is a Skylight Theater, there are two movie theaters but they are basically almost the same layout, with nice big comfortable chairs, and the front row has these big sofa like seats for very comfortable viewing of the movie in front row.

Also, they do and during movies and showtimes have ordering available upstairs and you can order pizza, local beers, and wines and this can be served while you watch a movie. All of these things put together has made going to Andrews always a great night while in Hood River.

If by chance they are not showing your movie of choice Hood River does have a Hood River Cinema, which usually has the latest movies available, which they also upgraded their seating recently as well.

The seating and experience you get at Skylight is hard to beat though, the small town feel of cinema, not as much seating as an AMC, but the quality is way beyond what you would get in a big city such as Portland or other big city cinema chain. I do highly recommend checking out Andrews Pizza and Skylight Theater for a “thing to do in Hood River” for sure!!

Website for Andrews Pizza and Skylight Theater: https://www.skylighttheater.com/


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