So I realize that there isn’t much going on in Hood River during the shutdown, no cinema, and many restaurants are doing take out only and no gathering in large groups, so what exactly CAN you do in Hood River during shutdown?

Well, believe it or not, Hood River has some slight solitary things that you can do while on shutdown and here is a small list of, I believe, things that would be acceptable during a shutdown.

1.) Solitary hiking — Hood River has some good places in the area to go hiking, and many of the downtown shops have info on that, but you can also get info on local hiking from our Chamber of Commerce. They have a page dedicated to local hiking.

2.) Mountain Biking — While I believe many of the mountain biking trails may be closed, you can still get local info on mountain biking from many of our mountain biking shops such as Mountain View Cycles, Hood River Bicycles, and Discover Bicycles.

3.) Walking — The big one that comes to mind with a simple walk is along the beautiful Columbia River. Now, I must say that during the initial shutdown there was no walking along the river, that was closed, but you can walk in downtown Hood River as there is take out to many of our downtown shops here.

4.) Sightseeing — There are many things to see which wouldn’t even require any getting out of the car such as going to Parkdale to take in a beautiful view of Mt Hood possibly.

Well, I hope that goes through a quick list of things to do while in Hood River. I say this of course with the caveat that we should all be safe and keep a safe distance from others during this difficult time. However, many people need to travel and if you do find yourself coming through this area I hope I have given you a few ideas with which to start with for a small way to enjoy a socially distanced trip to Hood River. I also write this wishing safety in your travels whether it be to Hood River or anywhere else. Thanks for reading!