IBLV… so what is IBLV Movement???

I can say definitively that this is an inspirational and growing brand. The IBLV stands for “I Believe”. I personally know the founder of the IBLV clothing line who has worked incredibly hard both in the gym and outside to bring this inspirational clothing line to Hood River. Cheno is very much a believer in bringing a positive energy to the gym and in person. I see many around the town of Hood River wear this brand and it has a great look to it and if you get a chance check out their website for more items but today I saw over Instagram they have a new jacket out and wanted to share this if you are looking for a nice gift for especially someone that is somewhat of a fitness enthusiast.

So, back to my original question, what is IBLV??? From their website: IBLV “I Believe” is a lifestyle brand representing overcoming fear, anxiety, and mental/physical hurdles to ultimately grow into the person you were meant to be”

The Founder of IBLV: Cheno

While I must say I do know Cheno from the gym and a podcast session we had I can tell you that he is a great guy to know here in Hood River and I do recommend reaching out to him via Instagram for inspirational fitness tips, posts, images, and things to do while in Hood River. He is incredibly busy as you can tell from getting in that gym time to growing his brand he is a very active but reachable individual and can often be found at one of our local gyms here The Power Station Gym. I do suggest getting in contact with him for local workouts and also to check out this unique clothing brand started in the Hood River area. Be sure to check out his podcast as well and just do a search for IBLV podcast across all platforms including Itunes. In this podcast you will get a chance to know some of our local residents in depth and see what inspirational stories you can find here in Hood River.

Cheno of Hood River
Cheno of Hood River

As mentioned before the IBLV clothing line has a new jacket out for sale and as with the brand as a whole it does look great!

I hope you have enjoyed the quick read and a little about one of Hood River’s great brands. What are your thoughts?

For more information:

IBLV Website: https://iblv-movement.com/

Instagram for IBLV: https://www.instagram.com/iblvmovement/

New Jacket from IBLV: https://iblv-movement.com/collections/men/products/iblv-embroidered-champion-packable-jacket

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