About No 9 Smok-Hous in Hood River

I just wanted to show a few bits of information and my experience with a fairly new BBQ in Hood River, the No 9 Smok-Hous in Hood River near the exit from I-84 going into Hood River. The No 9 Smok Hous is an excellent stop to make and as I am a big fan of both BBQ and great food I had to try this out. I took a few photos and wanted to share it for your stop here in Hood River. It is located in a convenient location just off exit 64 on I-84.

Location: The location is in the parking lot of Tree Bird Family Farm just off the exit so if you put in: 106 OR-35, Hood River, OR 97031 into your GPS just get to the parking lot and you will see it.

No 9 Smok Hous Menu

No 9 Smok Hous Hood River Menu
No 9 Smok Hous Hood River Menu

As you can see they have a nice menu, and I do recommend this food truck for BBQ. I had the beef brisket with the coffee bbq sauce and it was absolutely delicious.

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Links and Other Info

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/No9smokhous/

Location: Parking Lot and cul de sac

Phone Number: (541) 645-5236

Email: [email protected]

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