Mountain Biking In Hood River

Where to Start For Mountain Biking Locally

Coming to Hood River for some mountain biking?  Hood River has gorgeous trails, views, and everything you need whether you are a veteran biker or just getting started.  In this article we’ll try to get to the basics of mountain biking here in Hood River to get you started.  You will not be disappointed but where to start?

Lets start with some basic points of contact.  Here in Hood River we have several shops where you’ll find loads of info.

Mountain View Cycles :  This place is located in Downtown Hood River and has loads of equipment and the people are very knowledgable on everything local here in Hood River in regards to mountain biking.  The equipment they sell is top quality and you are sure to get great info from Mountain View.  One cool thing is that throughout the fall season they offer a shuttle from their downtown location to the top of Binn’s Hill in Post Canyon here in Hood River. What is Post Canyon?

From the website:  “Post Canyon is a large network of trails located on the west side of Hood River. There’s numerous riding options, anything from big gaps to flowing downhill and twisty cross-country. You can link it together in countless ways. The vast majority of the trails are on the Hood River County Tree Farm which brings in about 30% of Hood River County’s budget. These trails are a secondary use of the forest and are run by the Hood River County Forestry Dept.”

Fat Tire Farm Hood River:  Nice shop here in Hood River, and interesting thing about the website is they have a conditions page for the local trails here.

Check it out:

They also have a shuttle service which they operate:

Discover Bicycles:  Located in the heart of downtown Hood River, this bike shop has mountain, road, and bikes for whatever type of biking you have.  Check to see about their shuttle service, but most likely they also offer shuttle service from the bike shop.  This shop does rentals as well.

Mountain Bike Trails in Hood River

For mountain biking in Hood River it is essential to know where the trails are located. We have many trails here locally, and below is a link to how you can check out some of the local trails here.

Also, below is a few local videos of some of the trails as well as an interview from local mountain biker and instructor Bekah who runs Brave Endeavors.  She does instruction on mountain biking and is a great resource for all information locally here.  Check out her interview for the The Discover Hood River podcast also posted below.

Guided Mountain Bike Down Little Maui Trail:

Post Canyon Trail Hood River:




Local Mountain Bike Communities

Post Canyon MTB Trail Community Facebook Group

Hood Rats Facebook Group 

Post Canyon MTB Forum

Dirty Fingers Bikes





Mountain View Cycles:

Hratstrails Instagram Page:

Hrats Website:

Brave Endeavors:


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