I wanted to write a quick article about such a great place to work and eat. For several reasons which I will go into here in in this article I do highly suggest Kickstand as a great place to both work and eat in Hood River. If you are visiting Hood River, planning on moving or just have some online errands to get done I do suggest this place because on first impression this place had (as of February 26, 2020) several people working here, I assume either work from home or just doing online things.

Kickstand Menu
Kickstand Main Menu in Hood River, OR.

One reason why I like this place to work on my computer is the excellent lighting conditions great for working from a computer. This is one place where I feel very highly productive when having to look at a screen for extended periods of time. Whether in the morning or in the afternoon the light seems to shine in through the doors which face the rising sun but much to my surprise the light does not blindingly shine right in your face. If you really want to sit in the sun, perhaps during Spring or Summer and sit outside they have a great patio outside complete many days with a good fire to soak up the suns rays for those of you who prefer the nice sunny outside area.

The wifi has always been great here, and I have never had any issues with the wifi here, nice fast and reliable internet is yet another reason why this place is great.

Kickstand Bar and TV
Kickstand Bar and TV

Food Review of Kickstand and Menu

The food has always been top notch here. I have no complaints, except that you need to contain yourself here when you try their donuts here. The donuts in particular here are pretty much the best donuts I have ever had, and if you ever want to make your office happy just bring in a tray of these donuts and I’m sure you will be much loved by all your co workers when they bite into these donuts. I have no idea what they do to make them so much better than other places, but then this topic brings me to the next thing I love here…the coffee.

I really love the coffee here and they do have a great menu to add to anyone interested in all types of hot or iced coffee. cold brew, iced americano, iced latte, iced mocha, iced chai, and even an italian soda to go along with it. Of course they have espresso and today as I write this I can look over and see they are brewing the Guatemala blend.

As far as food goes in general I have never had a bad experience here with the food. I do suggest check out their menu, they do serve breakfast but only until 11am.

As a side note, there is an egg and avocado sandwich which you can order on the after breakfast menu. I came in today after breakfast and much to my dismay, I was unable to order any breakfast but I did see this sandwich at the bottom of the menu. I had the sandwich with chorizo and it was really good.

Here is their menu: https://www.kickstandcoffee.net/food.html

In summary here I like it here because of the great food, lighting conditions and great coffee this is definitely a great place to get a few things done online.

Kickstand Inside Wall
Kickstand Inside Wall
Kickstand Bar in Hood River
Bar area for Kickstand Coffee