I have two small boys and my father lives in Hood River. I’ve been going to Hood River most of my life, but never had to give much thought about “kid friendly” places until I had children of my own. A few years ago, I traveled with my then infant and toddler and wanted to share my experience from the parent perspective. My boys are extremely active, so I definitely keep a close eye out for places that are outdoors or have a laid-back atmosphere. Here are just a few places we’ve visited with my kids:

Multnomah Falls – The walk was somewhat long for a three-year-old, but paved the whole way and we had no issues. Definitely a must-see if you’re in the area and worth the time and effort.

Waterfront Park – I was asking my dad where would be a good place to go for a jog and he recommended the Waterfront Park. They had a great paved pathway that followed the Columbia and LOTS of play areas for kids of all ages. So it was very convenient for my dad to watch my kids while I went for a short jog. Highly recommend if you’re looking to get your kids out for a little while. Plus, there are several bistros/restaurants right across the street, this park would be PERFECT for a picnic!

Cascade Locks Marine Park – Just West of Hood River is Cascade Locks with another great park that would be worth checking out with kids in tow.

WAAAM Aviation & Auto Museum – Really wonderful place to go with your kids, particularly if anyone in the family is interested in aviation or automobiles. The place is HUGE and they have a really great kids room that will keep their interest for quite a while!

These are just a few places that I wanted to highlight. I hope this is helpful for anyone planning to visit the area with kids!