While I would love to say that we are over this whole quarantine and covid 19 outbreak, I believe I heard the other day that we are still very cautious as a community. I really do think that once this all blows over though that we will definitely see an uptick in business and especially the travel industry here, or at least businesses that rely on travelers and tourists for a good part of their business.

Some businesses have done an outstanding job in helping out not only their fellow businesses, but the doing their part in the community as a whole. Case in point, check out this taxi and cab company:


This company I have seen doing quite a bit for the community through getting food, bringing deliveries to people and helping to alleviate some of the problems we are suffering as a community.

Speaking of helping the community, I really am grateful for many of the grocery stores and the workers for helping to pull through this time. They are out there working, getting supplies to the community during this quite difficult time. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate the grocery and service industry right now for going to work and feeding us when the community is basically shut down, except for them…as people need to eat still. And companies like Hood River Pedicab doing their part in bringing the food to people.

Restaurants are hurting of course, but I see many of them offering pick up, order online, as well as some innovative ways to get the order in. Case in point, Twin Peaks drive in you are able to order through Facebook Messener:


I also want to say that if you ever get a chance to go on the Fruit Loop here in Hood River and want a good burger, Twin Peaks is highly recommended along the way. Not only is the burgers very good, but the view you get from their place is nice. It is also right across from the small airport we have here so you may see some very interesting planes along the way.

Other recommended places to eat here and places that have been great during this crisis:

Andrews Pizza: Not only can you get pizza but they have a movie theater there and you can even get your pizza delivered to you in theater while you watch. You can get beer here also by the way, but of course you need to be 21 and over to have that.

Pfriem Brewers : I have seen many posts from Pfriem and they do offer a great selection of food during this quarantine phase we are going through. They make their own beer and the food is excellent and if you happen to have lunch there or perhaps visit during summer the river walk right outside their doors is a great way to take a nice walk after a great meal there.

I want to mention one more clothing brand that is a very socially responsible brand, and if you get a chance to check out their Instagram they have a lot of great motivational and inspirational posts:


You can see IBLV is pretty serious about inspiring and the owner there, Cheno, has been great about motivating the community to do their part in stopping the spread of coronavirus. I would also add that he has some really great workouts posted which you can do alone and no gym needed.

Check out their clothing brand here:


You can purchase the IBLV t shirts at the Powerstation gym as well. I do recommend when you get into town that you check out the Powerstation gym, especially if you are into crossfit. They have something for pretty much everyone whether you are into weights, cardio, or crossfit they have it.



I hope you have enjoyed reading about just a few of the businesses here, all of them are top notch local businesses here in Hood River and if you ever find yourself here please let them know you read about them here.