Tokki Art Supply Store in Downtown Hood River

One of the great things about Hood River you may notice is that there is a lot of creative things you may notice around town, such as our downtown sculptures, artwork on the river, and art galleries showing the many talented pieces created by local Hood River residents. Places such as Art on Oak, and other galleries are rich with paintings, metalwork, and other interesting things that take great talent and creativity to create. Hood River has a lot of local artists for its population and therefore needs a great supply shop to feed this creativity. On a great walk in downtown and located right next to Dog River Coffee, is Tokki Art Supply. On first impressions I would say that the products and merchandise here are impressive and I can see that the highest quality art supplies are chosen for this shop to cater to our both local and visiting artists. I highly recommend stopping in here even just to browse as you may find yourself wanting to try a creative outlet as this shop will have pretty much anything to get your started in anything from painting to simple art drawings.


Tokki Art Supply is located at: 409 Oak Street in Downtown Hood River. The shop is located right next to Dog River Coffee, which makes it perfect to enjoy new artwork and if you choose, head right next door for the perfect lighting for creating new artwork at Dog River. Dog River usually has great artwork on the walls and when they are open to indoor seating I do recommend checking them out as well. The perfect combination I feel is this art shop to experiment with your artistic side and then try it out with some coffee next door. Across the street is Bettes Place if you get hungry amongst a few other shops to grab a bite to eat in case you get hungry.

I hope you check out this shop as it is very well kept and perfect for buying a gift for the artist you may know or even to buy yourself that perfect artistic piece that you need to create your own masterpiece. Please check it out and I hope you enjoy your downtown Hood River walk!

About Toki Art Supply

We originally opened Tokki Art Supply in Bingen in August of 2019. The main inspiration for why I wanted to start an art supply store in the Gorge was because there was no place to get quality materials without having to travel all the way to Portland or ordering online. Shopping for art supplies is such a tactile and visual experience. You need to see the colors of the paints and pencils in real life and feel the brushes and papers. It’s a multi sensory experience that you don’t get while shopping online. With the fact that there are so many amazing artists and students in our community I knew that I wasn’t alone in the need for a local art supply store.  

The arts community in the Gorge is so incredible and supportive that we decided it was worth the risk to leap across the river and move Tokki Art Supply to downtown Hood River. We re-opened at 409 Oak on July 8th. And we feel so lucky to be able to meet more of our community members and see some of the fantastic work that people have been making during quarantine. And to give guidance for those who are finding that they finally have the time to dip their toes into a new medium. It truly seems as though difficult times inspire creativity. 

We carry oil, acrylic, watercolor and gouache paints and mediums as well as drawing tools and craft related supplies. And of course, canvas, sketchbooks and larger sheets of paper. We have a little bit of everything. 

We still offer curbside pick-up and shipping through our online shop where you can also learn about our covid-19 response.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about one of our many amazing shops here in Hood River. Especially if you are out for a walk, shopping, and exploring the many shops just stop in I’m sure you may see something that you may want to try. As always we all hope to see you in Hood River and send me a message if you have any questions at [email protected] or find me on either Facebook or Instagram under Discover Hood River.

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