Classic Car Wash in Hood River Oregon

I wanted to write a quick review and let everyone know about the great experience I had with Classic Car Wash up on the heights in Hood River. Location and address:

1560 12th St, Hood River, OR 97031

This self serve car wash is located up on the heights and appears on the right hand side just as you are going up the heights and before you see the Shell Gas Station look on your right hand side and you’ll see the car wash somewhat hidden behind some structures there on the right hand side.

I have recently started going to this car wash as everything here seems to be in great condition and in working order, plus they have a large selection of different options of soaps and pre wash type of things that you can use on your car. Also, there is a good selection of interior work that you can do at this self serve car wash like shampoo, vacuum, and dispose of some interior trash here as well. They have a machine that dispenses things as well near the office and should you have any issues, or perhaps some of the equipment wasn’t working properly there is a phone number to call in case you didn’t get the right service from the machines there.

I highly recommend this self serve car wash as my experience was great and I do especially like the fact that there is a phone number listed in case you didn’t get what you paid for. I did have the pleasure of meeting the owner and I let him know I will most definitely be coming back to this car wash in my opinion this is my first choice to go in Hood River for a properly working car wash.

I did take a few pictures and wanted to show you a few pictures plus if you have a good experience there I will post the Instagram account here as well.

Gallery of Classic Car Wash in Hood River

Thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed this small review of where I do recommend to do in Hood River for a car wash.



Here is their other website here:

Phone Number: (541) 386-2228


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