Why the need for local road conditions

So, coming to Hood River, especially if you are from a state that does not have any snow, or not nearly the amount of snow that we do here you may find yourself wanting to find local information on where to find the road conditions.

There are various reasons as to why you may need this information, of course during winter time, it is the snow that causes the most issues with driving conditions, but also during the summer, spring, and fall we have other things such as fires, smoke, wind conditions, some landslide issues, and that is not to say we can’t get flooded either so it is great information to have to get local road conditions. Having lived here for a few years I thought I’d share a local Facebook group especially that you may want to join to get local conditions for roads and things.

Links for Information on Hood River Road Conditions

The Title of the Group is: Road Conditions & Accident Reports for The Columbia River Gorge Area and you can find it on Facebook but this group as of February 2021 has over 20,000 members and you can find pictures, up to date info and other information posted by local community members.


Barring that, another site which I found helpful is: https://tripcheck.com So, this is helpful but they don’t have the local information you would get on the Facebook group I mentioned. Looks like they have official conditions for the major roads around Hood River such as I-84 which goes along the Columbia River Gorge.

I found another great resource as well: https://www.localconditions.com/weather-hood-river-oregon/97031/traffic.php

On the link above localconditions.com they seem to provide a handy color coded map that lets you know the roads not to go and local weather among other useful information.

I hope you this information helps and stay safe and hopefully these links are helpful in finding local road conditions here in Hood River.

See also: https://www.discoverhoodriver.com/mount-hood-weather-forecast-links-and-info/