Hampton Inn & Suites Hood River Oregon

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So, I wanted to write this and give lots of tips, hints, and suggestions for your stay especially if you are staying here in Hood River at the Hampton Inn here in Hood River.  The Hampton Inn is an incredibly popular place to stay and I’ll go over some reasons to stay as well as show some videos of the rooms.  So for the basics of the hotel, it is ideally located near the waterfront and minutes walk to downtown for all the shopping, but I’ll cover all of this and more details.

First, the location of the Hampton Inn is by the waterfront, which has some great places to eat such as Solstice Pizza, PFriem, and Ferment not to mention Camp 1805.  If you are staying during the summertime  you’ll find that you are basically about a five minute walk to the most popular place to go launch your kiteboard or windsurfing board into the water you.  This landing area is just minutes from the hotel and is actually according to Google about a 10 minute walk but I think you can do it in five minutes to be honest.

Walk to Event site
Walk from Hampton Inn Hood River to event site.

Now this is usually for those coming in the summer months but if you are interested it is there for the winter as well.  This little part of the Waterfront Park is called the Event Site, and the event site does have its own parking venue nearby.  There is a nice sidewalk starting at the Hampton Inn and going straight to the Event Site and the Waterfront Park, it is a beautiful walk in the morning particularly I must say.

Location and Address of the Hampton Inn Hood River

1-541-436-1600 then push zero to get the front desk.

The address is:

1 Nichols Parkway

Hood River, OR



You can abbreviate the address as

1 Nichols PKWY

Hood River, OR


Question:  Can I receive mail there in case of a long term stay?  Yes!!  You can have your mail sent to the front desk in case of a long term stay there, they can hold your mail of course put your name and room number and the front desk can take your mail if you are staying long term.


Advantages of the Location

On the topic of the location I would say below I have made a quick list of some of the advantages of staying at the Hampton Inn.

1.)  Close by the waterfront — being one of Hood Rivers biggest attractions you will find that you don’t necessarily need a car even to have a great time here.  Being next to so many great places to eat and drink as well as play not just for adults but the waterfront has a nice area for the kids also.

2.) Walking distance to downtown Hood River —  You can walk to the downtown area of Hood River in about 10 to 15 minutes and if you need a quick article about downtown Hood River you can check out one that I wrote a while back as well.

3.)  Located next to the shuttle — What shuttle operates next to the Hampton Inn?   The CAT or Columbia Area Transit operates a few stops in this area, one next to PFriem and one next to the gas station located next to the Hampton Inn.  The gas station is the Sinclair Gas station but there is a shuttle stop located right next to it.

4.)  Envoy Location — Did you get here without a car but you want a car?   There is an electric vehicle located right across from the local shuttle but you would need an app called Envoy There to get into the car, the car is electric so no gas to fill up there!  Just get the app, walk to the car and go!   Below is a link to the article about how the City of Hood River is helping this and there is more information in here:


5.) Walking distance to the local museum — Hood River has a small museum and its located about two minutes away if you walk east and over the Hood River, there is a nice bridge going over the Hood River and right across the bridge is the local museum.


Amenities and Perks of Staying at the Hampton Inn

1.)  Free Breakfast — Especially if you are here long term or have a family this can really cut down on the amount you may pay for food elsewhere.  The breakfast is great with oatmeal, eggs, scrambled eggs, and always serving waffles and juices such as apple and orange juice.  There is always fresh fruit as well as nuts, dried berries and brown sugar for your oatmeal.  The scrambled eggs can be substituted on some days for omelets and sausages.

2.) Pool — The Hampton Inn has a pool and hot tub!  The water is always checked and doubled checked and is kept mostly at room temperature.  The pool area has its own towels so you don’t need to bring the towels from the room, it has its own bathroom and shower for one person at a time.  It also has an outdoor seating area right next to the pool area.

3.)  Gym — The gym is nice it has fitness equipment from Precor and Peloton Bikes with a nice weight area and cable pull down machine.  There is a few options for fitness enthusiasts such as the Powerstation gym and SnapFit in Hood River.

If you are an Elks Member the Elks is about 5 minutes away by car as well and you can access the gym 24/7 if you are an Elks member.

4.)  Cleanliness — The Hampton Inn is continually recognized for its clean rooms with an outstanding staff and after every cleaning each room is inspected for a double set of eyes to make sure it is to your cleanliness standards.

5.)  24/7 Front Desk — The front desk is staffed 24 hours a day by locals who especially know where you should eat, have a question?  Just ask the front desk!!

6.) Pet Friendly — The cost of a pet is currently as of this writing about 50 dollars for the first four days for your pet.  Each room is extra cleaned after a pet stay so the cost does go to the extra cleaning that must be done after the pet has stayed there.



Room Types and Recommendations for Booking Room Types

So, you have decided to book a room here in Hood River and at the Hampton Inn

Double Queen Riverview Suite (Hood River View, overlooking Hood River)

The below is the Double Queen Riverview (Columbia River View)

The below is not a suite just a standard queen with riverview and its amenities:

The below is the King Suite at the Hampton Inn Hood River:

Below is another Double Queen Suite at the Hampton Inn Hood River:

The below is a standard King Riverview Room:

The below is a Standard King Room — Non Riverview at the Hampton Inn Hood River

The below is the Standard Queen Non Riverview at the Hampton Inn Hood River:

The Below is the King Riverview I think I already have a video but this is another one:

Another Standard Queen Room at the Hampton:


Another Standard King Room video of the Hampton Inn here in Hood River:



An old video from the Hampton Inn themselves!





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