About Mt View Orchards Wedding Venue Near Hood River Oregon

Being as we have been dealing with not only almost a year of Covid at this time and as of this writing (February 13, 2021) but lately here in the Hood River area we’ve been dealing with lots of snow lately and when I came across this picture it was amazing to see how brilliantly this photo was captured and put out by Mt View Orchards Instagram which you can see here:


I’m always amazed at the stunning photos posted by this wedding venue and one of the reasons I wanted to mention it is that this picture captures that moment so perfectly even during a time of snow.

Mountain View is the Perfect Place for Weddings

From the Mountain View Website: “

Mt. View Orchards is a third-generation family farm established in 1974. Mt. View’s fifty-plus acres are nestled at the northern base of Mt. Hood, whose rich, volcanic loam soil and yearly snow runoff provide optimal conditions for growing fruit.

The orchard was planted over a hundred years ago. Today, most of the original fruit trees have been replaced many times over—with one exception. Right at the heart of the orchard, just alongside the Orchard Meadow, there stands a row of century-old Golden Delicious trees, which continue to produce some of the sweetest apples in the region year after year. Our “Golden Row” symbolizes the blessing we wish for every Mt. View Orchards wedding—that the union of two hearts, families, and futures would grow strong and be fruitful for many years to come.”

As you can see they have a grand history and I must say as I have been there, the view of Hood River is absolutely stunning! Not to mention they have a wide selection of wines, beers, and other wonderful food selections (especially the pizza) to be flexible enough for a variety of tastes for your guests. This makes a truly unforgettable wedding venue and I highly recommend you check them out if you are thinking of a wedding or even just a place on the Hood River Fruit Loop that is a must see place here.

I hope you have enjoyed this short article about Mountain View Weddings, please check them out and I’ll post some links below for more information!

Check out the Vimeo they have of Mountain View!

Website: http://www.mtvieworchardsweddings.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mtvieworchards/

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