Dog Friendly Hotels In Hood River Oregon

Looking for some nice pet and dog friendly hotels near Hood River Oregon?  Traveling with a pet can pose an extra challenge that others don’t have to worry about, but I hope in this article I can give you some guidance for traveling through the Columbia River Gorge with a dog or pet.  I will be specifically focusing on dogs in this article but I do believe that most of the hotels listed are pet friendly to both cats and dogs.


For this article I’m going to assume that you will wish to walk around with your dog, and so I’m taking that into consideration for this.

Hampton Inn Hood River

First up, is the Hampton Inn here in Hood River located at:

1 Nichols Parkway in Hood River.

Phone Number is: (541) 436-1600

The Hampton Inn is located near the beautiful waterfront here in Hood River.  I mention this first because having lived here locally if I had a dog I would most likely want to stay here because not far away is a beautiful waterfront walk.

Here is a brief clip of the waterfront about a 10 minute walk from the Hampton Inn:

If you check out those pinterest clips you can see somewhat what the waterfront park looks like.  Dogs love it there, especially springtime.  You can find dog bags located at some locations throughout the walk.  There should be many dogs present because many people will be walking their dogs here.

As an added bonus if you are traveling with kids, the waterfront park has a nice kids playground in this area.  As I mentioned the Hampton Inn is not far from this park, I would say its a brisk walk about 10 minutes or so walk from the Hampton Inn to the waterfront park.

How would you know which way to walk to the waterfront park?   Great question!!

If you type into your phone “Stoked Coffee” is should give you some good directions to walk to get to the main area of the river walk.  This is a great place to walk as well, many places to eat or even grab a coffee as I mentioned at Stoked Coffee it is great.  If you get there before about 11am they usually have the best breakfast burritos in the morning here with either a green or red sauce that is amazing.

Your dog will love this walk here plus if it is hot or you get here during the summertime it will absolutely love the water to cool it down.

If you do decided to book at the Hampton Inn, please click on the link which will take you to a

Also, some of the other things which you may enjoy when staying at the Hampton Inn is they do have a pool and are one of the only local hotels besides the Best Western here in Hood River with a pool for the kids!

Perk of staying here and if you like sushi:  You get a 10% discount at the sushi restaurant located right next door, Kobe Sushi here in Hood River.  Just ask the front desk and you get a small card with 10% off your bill at the sushi restaurant.  They have a nice selection of rolls there with a small bar and basic dishes like hand rolls and chicken teriyaki.

Pet Policies:  As of March 2022, the pet fee will increase from 25 dollars for the pet fee to 50 dollars.  So, on top of your regular booking fee you will pay an additional 50 dollars for the stay for your pet.  This increase starts in April and I believe that this is for the entire stay not every day.  Check with the hotel for any more specifics.  Also, they do not let pets stay on the 4th floor due to noise issues, so expect to stay on either the 1st through the 3rd floor only.


Best Western Hotel Hood River

The Best Western Hotel would be my next choice for a pet friendly place to stay.  The Best Western has a nice riverwalk right there on the hotel, so you can walk your dog right outside the hotel and be right there on the river.  They are pet friendly and do allow dogs, but keep in mind that for the most part I believe their policy is that they try to book anyone with pets on the first floor.  There is a one time 15 dollar fee for pets.  That being said the Best Western would be my 2nd choice to stay for dogs since it would be great to take your dog to walk right outside your back door there on the first floor and it would be great for both you and the dog for such easy access.  They do have a great pool and hot tub outside and that is especially nice in the winter by the way.  They have an in house restaurant, so the Best Western has many great things which would be ideal for someone with a pet or dog.  The walk outside is what I am thinking may be great for dog owners as just like the Hampton Inn, it would be a great experience for your dog.

Instagram for Best Western Hotel Hood River

Next to the Best Western is a local Starbucks cafe, a McDonalds and a few gas stations.  You are about a 25 to 30 minute walk from downtown and you can reach the waterfront which I mentioned with the Hampton Inn by walking and that would take about 20 minutes I would say roughly by walking if you wanted to reach the waterfront.

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West Cliff Lodge

The West Cliff Lodge sits just outside of town along the Columbia River.  This is a beautiful location and not far from the Columbia Cliff Villas and the Columbia Gorge Hotel.  The West Cliff Lodge is a nice place, and they do events such as weddings but they are pet friendly as well.

Instagram For West Cliff Lodge in Hood River

4070 Westcliff Dr, Hood River, OR 97031


Stipulations:  The pet fee is 10 dollars per pet per night.  All rooms are available for pets except for the “Courtyard Building”.


Columbia Gorge Hotel and Spa

The Columbia Gorge Hotel and Spa is an awesome place to stay.  They do allow pets but it may be a bit pricier than the others.

Stipulation:  The pet fee here is 50 dollars per night.  I was not able to determine if that is per pet, so check up on that, but that is a bit steep compared to the other hotels.  While they do have an awesome walkway to see the Columbia River, keep in mind although beautiful I think this hotel tends towards events and gatherings such as weddings which is why they can charge so much.  Awesome place to stay though!

Instagram For Columbia Gorge Hotel and Spa

4000 Westcliff Dr, Hood River, OR 97031






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Disclaimer: I do get credit if you click on the links and book through the link you clicked.  I would appreciate the clicks and I do want to thank you for reading this article, I hope it was informative about where to stay with a pet here in Hood River.  Thanks for reading!!