Introducing CURATED BEER CASES to help get you through the doldrums of quarantine! It’s first come, first serve and we only have four of each 12-pack. Claim by commenting below, DMing us with what you want, or call the shoppe at 541-436-1226. You can either pick it up curbside or we’ll deliver it to you for free after 7PM.

Feet on the Ground, Head in the [Cloudy] Sky ??? ☁️ – $50 – This 12-pack of 16oz unique (similar, but…different) Hazy IPAs…well, the less we say about it the better. You’ve got plenty of time to try all these fantastic beers, cause Home, it’s where you want to be! ??

I Can See Clearly Now ? ☀️?- $47 – For those of you looking forward to more bright, bright, sunshiny days, this 12-pack of 16oz clear IPAs is the ideal quarantine companion. One day, all of the bad feelings will disappear and there will be the rainbow we’ve been praying for! ?

Last Chance Cans ⏳ – $18 – We may be in uncertain times, but we’re certain we won’t get anymore of these playful Hazy IPAs. If this 4-pack is calling your name, claim it before they’re gone for good! (Only 1 available!)

To see their website please visit them at: