Is Hood River Oregon A Good Place To Live?

Yes, Hood River Oregon is a good place to live!  As a resident of Hood River I can say that after having lived in many different parts of the country including overseas this is one of the best places to live.  Here is why:

Things To Do Locally

One of the things that makes Hood River attractive as a place to live is the amount of things to do outdoors.  To start off with, Hood River is known as the “Windsurfing Capital of the World” so you have a lot of fit and talented people here that can help you get started with all sorts of watersports.  Windsurfing isn’t the only thing that people enjoy here, kayaking, windsurfing and lately wing foiling has been making inroads as a local thing to do here.  It is quite unique here in that the town is small, but there is an incredible amount of things to keep you active around here.

Keep in mind that Mt Hood is not far away and you have your pick of winter sports and not surprisingly Hood River has boasted of a few professional athletes both on watersports and winter sports.

If you are thinking of moving here with kids this is a great place to live.  The local high school has a great sports program and support for local athletes is top notch from grocery stores to small shops there are always support flyers for our local athletes.

Fresh Local Food

A lot of our local restaurants use fresh local ingredients.  Hood River has its own farmers market throughout the year, check out Gorge Grown for times, places and vendors.

Speaking of fresh food…

I must add that if you do wish to check out our farmers market I highly recommend Grasslands BBQ usually found at the farmers market.  They are amazing!

Anyway, its great!!  I went off a bit off subject but there are all sorts of food and vendors at the local Hood River Farmers market.

Other Services Available In Hood River

There are other things which make Hood River such a unique and nice place to live.  I should mention the hospital is an awesome hospital, we have world class doctors and facilities especially given the size of Hood River we are lucky to have top notch hospital, dental, and emergency services here.

Sense of Community

Not sure where to start to see if you would fit into Hood River and the local community?

I’ll post a few links here the first one I mention is a local “Hood River Happenings” Facebook group here.

I would look at this if you want to get a feel for the local events, happenings and other things going on here locally.

There is a Reddit Group under r/hoodriver on Reddit if you have a Reddit account. Although I think the Facebook group is much more active to be honest.


Providence Hospital In Hood River:


Local Podcast:  Get to know some of our individual residents as I do have a podcast, just search for Discover Hood River on iTunes or other platforms.  I posted my latest podcast on youtube if you wish to check it out as well!


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