Hood River Fruit Loop: Hood River Coffee Roasters

Hood River is home to some unique and wonderful coffee shops, but we do have an impressive roaster that has been roasting coffee locally in Hood River along the scenic fruit loop on what is known as Tucker Road. Traveling to the WAAM museum in Hood River or the scenic tour along the Fruit Loop? Be sure to stop in this coffee roaster as it is conveniently located on your way to experience the scenic drives and gorgeous views. I posed a few questions for an online interview from the owner of Hood River Coffee Roasters.

You took over this roaster what can you tell us about yourself and how you wanted to become involved with the coffee business?

We moved to Hood River seeking an active, outdoor lifestyle and sense of community. We met the founder of HRCR who, at the time, was looking to turn over her 30-year roaster business to someone with not only extensive small business knowledge, but also a passion for the community it serves. Coffee makes people happy, and we are thrilled to provide the freshest, roast-to-order, coffee to our customers!

What are some of your most popular blends and what can you tell us about some of the regions that your blends come from?

Our most popular blends are Hood River Blend, Mount Hood Blend, Mount Adams Blend and Columbia River Blend. We source our beans from 13 countries including South & Central Americas, Indonesia, and Africa. All our beans are specialty grade producing consistent, superior flavor.

What are some of the other products that you sell in store and do you sell online?

In addition to our specialty roasted coffee beans which include blends, single origin, espresso, decaffeinated, and organic, we sell several brewing methods (AeroPress and Pour Over), filters and a variety of branded apparel. Our HRCR mountain logo baseball cap is a best seller as is our mountain logo hoodie! We also sell our signature KOPI Bar, dark Swiss chocolate sprinkled with our smooth espresso & espresso sea salt.


All our coffee bean selections are available on our website,

www.hoodrivercoffeeroasters.com, including branded apparel and coffee brewing methods.

I couldn’t help but notice the other day that you had actually made specialty packaging for a wedding, my secret on where I saw that but I wanted to ask how that was done and ask about your work with weddings and doing special packaging for weddings. What can you tell us about what you offer weddings and how you can play a role in making the wedding unique?

Yes! We recently provided sample packets of our Hood River Blend for a destination wedding in Hood River as guest favors. In addition, we paired our KOPI bar for that perfect taste of Hood River. What makes this gift unique is the custom designed, personalized labels on the packaging which incorporates the bride’s color scheme and wedding theme! The sky is the limit in creating that unique gift for their special day!